Category: Windows 11

Experimenting with Object Initializers in Windows – See PG-compliance Disclaimer*

Overview In this article, I wanted to introduce a fun approach to performing functions similar to those enabled by Windows Object Callbacks but through an alternative means (experimentally). It’s well known that anti-malware, anti-cheat, and generic monitoring tools on Windows systems often use these callbacks. However, their usability is limited to parties with signed modules, […]

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Fun with another PG-compliant Hook

Overview In this article, we’ll be covering a fun alternative to the treasured InfinityHook from Nick Peterson. This alternative method was discovered by Aidan Khoury¬†following the release and subsequent patch of the EtwpGetCycleCount target by Microsoft without any acknowledgements to the original authors. This method has been tested from early Windows 10 to latest Windows […]

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