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Applied Reverse Engineering: Accelerated Assembly [P2]

Overview After reading feedback from the first part to the Accelerated Assembly guide, I’ve decided to take on a custom target, and call back to high-level languages when we encounter obscure or new pieces in the assembly. I realize that the level of detail in my last article may have been cumbersome to some readers, […]

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Applied Reverse Engineering: Exceptions and Interrupts

Overview To continue learning important topics within the OS and architecture, and before diving into the deep end of the application, we’re going to cover a topic that is relevant to reverse engineering and development in general: exceptions and interrupts. In this article, you’ll learn about exceptions/interrupts from the ground up. What they are, the […]

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Applied Reverse Engineering Series

Series Overview This series is intended for readers who are interested in reverse engineering but have only opened a debugger a handful of times. If you have trouble with certain concepts of reverse engineering, tooling, disassembly or debugging then you’ve come to the right place. Starting from the ground up we’ll work our way to […]

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