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Breaking Down System Routines #1 [NtQuerySection]

NtQuerySection is a system routine for the Windows operating system that queries information related to a section object and provides the information regarding that object by filling a buffer passed to the function. As an important note, all disassembly and reversing took place on Windows 10 x64 Professional. It requires 4 arguments, 5 if you […]

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SizeOfStackReserve Denial of Service

In this post I will be referencing information I’ve found through reversing and through waleedassars blog article titled SizeOfStackReserve Anti-Attaching Trick. It should be noted that the following was tested on Windows 10. The routine RtlCreateUserStack in ntoskrnl.exe is called following a call to CreateRemoteThread, CreateThread, and/or of course NtCreateThreadEx. The RtlCreateUserStack is called far later in a […]

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